Coffee Roasting at Benetti’s Coffee Experience

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Jason Coffee


Benetti’s Coffee Experience

Benetti’s is a local coffee roasting and cafe here in Kansas City that I have loved since my first sip. It is located at 6109 Blue Ridge Boulevard in Raytown, Missouri.  This week is Benetti’s Coffee Experience week on Coffee Cup News. Everyday this week we will be showcasing a different facet of Benetti’s Coffee. I feel very lucky to have a roaster of this caliber  in our city.

Coffee Roasting at Benetti’s

Ben Helt, Owner of Benetti’s, is really passionate about roasting coffee . He believes that his and Michael’s job as roasters is to maintain the best value that the coffee starts with on the tree. His roasting philosophy starts with the type of coffee they choose to roast.  The whole staff, including baristas, cups the coffees. The reason they cup as a team is because they have a huge variety of flavor preferences and want to include everyone in the process of selection. They then take the colors they choose from that palate and use them in their roasting and blending philosophy. Benetti’s roasts with the goal of bringing out the full complexity of the cup without over enhancing fruit notes. Ben’s goal is to roast for a balanced cup so that people can enjoy a small or large cup. Tomorrow we will be showcasing Benetti’s barista Kierstin Perry who will be showing us her Latte Art skills.

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