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Jason Coffee

coffee republicCoffee Republic
6601 Folsom-Auburn Road
Folsom CA
(916) 987-8001

My Rating – 3 out of 5 Stars

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The Breakdown

Environment – 4 Stars
Customer Service – 3.5 Stars
Products – 3 Stars
Skill – 1 Stars
Wifi – 4 Stars

This is my fourth stop on my quest to find good coffee in the Sacramento area which lead me to a place in Folsom called Coffee Republic.

Every place I have reviewed, on this trip, so far has been phenomenal. Temple, Weatherstone & Chocolate Fish have all had exceptional espresso. I wanted to compare apples to apples so I decided to review their espresso as well on my stop at the Coffee Republic in Folsom.

According to an employee, the Coffee Republic has been in Folsom California for the past 20 years and has a really loyal customer base. This coffee house has some of the most unique decor I have seen with a mix of plants, brick walls, coffee jars and bamboo style chairs, not to mention the gigantic map on the wall.

bad espresso shotFirst to be fair before I ordered my solo I asked the barista about the espresso. He said, “Our espresso is oily and dark. I know some coffee shops have started using lighter beans and packing the shots tighter but we don’t do that here.” As I picked up my shot the first thing I noticed was the size of the cup. It looked like a 2 oz cup that was completely full with the liquid spilling over the sides. The crema had a very light tan color with a thin bubble consistency. As I took my first sniff then slurp all I could smell and taste was campfire. It had a very burnt aroma with a very watered down consistency and a charred finish. Maybe you could make the case that I have been spoiled on this trip thus far and that this was just the result of overexposure to awesomeness. In all honesty such a case cannot be made. I would rather have Starbucks espresso pulled from their automatic machine than what is sitting in front of me at this very moment.

Moving on from the coffee itself I really enjoyed my visit here. The wifi was fast, the patio was large with available outlets and the staff was friendly. If I lived in this area I would probably give it one more chance by ordering a regular coffee. Since I live over 1,700 miles away this will probably be my last visit here for many years to come if I return at all.

Based on my experience would you give them a second chance?

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  1. The Coffee Maker Store

    Yikes… a pretty scathing review. Given the fact that you liked the decor, I’d go back and give them a second chance. I might even send them a link to this review if I were you. Maybe you can get them to fix the problem.

    Do you ever visit Chicago? I’d love if you reviewed some of our coffee houses here.