Coffee houses, The Original Social Network


Did you know performers like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan began their careers in a coffeehouse?

Coffee Fueled Creatives

From the beginning, late 15th century, coffee shops have always been a meeting place for intellectuals, artists, musicians and writers to share ideas and better the community. Even start careers. Because of this, the cup of creative juice created a place for the original social networking platform.

Coffee and Conversation

Instead of worrying about cleaning your house or staring at each other eating, why not go out for coffee? With it’s relaxing atmosphere to slow down, a cafe’ is the ideal place to bring colleagues, friends, clients and dates for a casual setting that eases nerves. Coffee is meant to be paired with good conversation. You never know who you will meet or what one simple idea may turn into. It is also a freelancers haven from seclusion.

The Second Office

Setting up with a laptop isn’t just a trend. The cafe’ is a place for those of us who work from home in piece and quiet. But, too much silence can cause creative blocks, so what better way to refuel-creatively and functionality- than at a coffee shop? It is your main source for information, inspiration and networking. Just don’t forget to buy your wifi in coffee, pastries, and tip well.

Cafe’s may have evolved quite a bit over the past few centuries, technology or not,  the one thing that will not change is the social network you find in one.

QOTD- How do you take advantage of the social network that revolves around a cafe setting?

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Jennifer V
Barista, coffee blogger, specialty coffee industry marketer.
Jennifer V
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  1. Gary Carlin

    I am co-inventor of a new game called Coffee Talk that will be released on July 18th by Pressman Games, an 80-year old game publisher. Pick a topic, write down as many things that you can think about in 45 seconds, now discuss. Score coffee bean points for unique answers. There’s even sugar, creamer and instant coffee cards that add a twist to the game. It comes packaged in an authentic coffee bag!

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  4. Richard

    I think this was a wonderful article Coffee houses were a great place to meet people years ago when I lived in New York City. There were many nice ones in the Geenwich Village section of the city where so of the orginal ones still exist and are still doing business.
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  5. Jennifer

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sure the quiet is nice at home, but we can’t forget to connect with the world face to face. A scenery change is always nice too.

  6. ArtofExtraction

    Great article Jennifer. It never ceases to amaze me how true it is that coffee is essentially a social drink. All my memories involving coffee involve people “getting together for coffee.” My first memories are of my mom and grandma getting together and having coffee. To be honest, the primary reason for my going to a coffee shop at all is the social aspect. As a home roaster and “home barista” there is nothing I can get at a coffee shop that I cannot do better at home, but there is less atmosphere and less social engagement at home. Thanks for the reminder of just how social coffee really is.

  7. Ardee-ann

    Nice article Jennifer, the idea of coffee houses and the beat generation really attracted me when I was younger. Sadly, it took many years for there to be a true coffee house near where I lived but once there was one I frequented it as often as I could. I just love soaking up the atmosphere.

    Thanks for writing this article.

    Ciao Bella,