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If a picture is truly worth a thousand words then it must have been a picture of coffee! And not Jason Coffee either, nice guy, but hey we’re talking about the good stuff here, liquid gold, bean juice, black Ichor of life, personality in a cup, sweet nectar of the field, or whatever you call it! (Please do comment with your favorite coffee nickname.) Coffee for many of us is a passport to a better day, a companion on slow afternoons, and a catalyst for the wonderful and creative things inside each of us waiting to be discovered by the wonderful world which surrounds us. If you are like me, a good cup of Joe can be the difference between life happening to me or me happening to life.
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So today as you drink your brew of choice and prepare to take this tangled world by storm, think first about the events that made it possible to bring your coffee of choice from the green rolling fields of cherry trees to the warm porcelain mug that gently kisses your lips and delivers sweet satisfaction to your soul. Think of the Creator who knew we would discover the over 850 aromatic compounds that make up so many unique coffee profiles. He didn’t have to make this caffeinated go juice so naturally tasty. He didn’t have to give it so many wonderful shades of color as it swirls slowly in the cup. He didn’t have to design it to pop and crack as it roasts. He didn’t have to give it such a distinct, pleasant, and lingering aroma. Knowing what we would come to love; He set the fruit in nature and gave us the wisdom to procure it. Think today of the farmers who have dedicated their lives and fortunes to planting and harvesting this tasty crop year after year. Think of the dads and moms that spend many long nights away from home in search of a good plantation to partner with and support economically. Think of the long journey this produce makes back to the states, the aging, the roasting, and careful preparation. Think about it until you get good and thankful for it. Once the thankfulness warms your heart, raise your favorite mug and breathe deep; fill your senses with just one of the millions of aspects of creation that we get to enjoy on a daily basis.

Enjoy your coffee, enjoy our world, and enjoy the wonderful people who make this tangled mess worth all the effort.

What does coffee mean to you?

Dave Parton

Dave Parton

Happy husband, best bud to our 80lb Golden-doodle, add one fuzzy waskally wabbit, and that pretty much rounds out the family. I was recently hired as a retail banker. That pays the bills while we look for a ministry or non-profit to get on-board with. I have a bachelors in theology, and a masters in practical ministry work and outreach.
Dave Parton

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