Coffee Con 2013 : 4 Free Tickets!!!

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Jason Coffee

Coffee Con is back again for round two. Last year I attended an it was a total blast! I will be there again this year to party and share passion over coffee with all my fellow coffee lovers.


What is Coffee Con?

Coffee Con is Kevin Sinnot’s brain child and is different that most coffee conferences which are organized around the industry professionals. Coffee Con is about the consumer and the at home enthusiasts passion for the bean. One of the coolest things about last years conference were the coffee classes. Teaching you how to take their coffee making to the next level while exposing you to some of the industries newest coffee tools and toys. In Coffee-Con’s own words:

Sinnott enjoyed attending coffee trade shows but envisioned a consumer event that had all the best elements of industry shows minus the extraneous business context he felt ran counter to the desires of passionate enthusiasts.

When and Where is Coffee Con 2013?

Coffee Con will be on Saturday May 4 2013 in the Chicago area but more specifically:

IBEW Local Union 701
28600 Bella Vista Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555

coffee con venue

Why Should I Go to Coffee Con?

Coffee Con is going to be fun and will be a very social event. For starters you get to party with and see more coffee bloggers in one place than I have ever seen at a coffee conference. Here is the current list of bloggers attending and includes Chicago local Jennifer Chen, Canadian blogger CoffeeNate, social media pro and coffee lover Robert Caruso and of course I, Jason Coffee, will be attending. George Howell will be returning and presenting For the Love of Coffee. There will also be an impressive array of coffee classes, exhibitors such as BUNN and Kitchen Aid and many coffee roasters attending such as Counter Culture and I Have a Bean.

If you are a coffee enthusiast an can make it to Warrensville on the May 4th I would love to meet you at Coffee Con and enjoy some good times over coffee.

Free Tickets to Coffee Con

If you would like a FREE Ticket to Coffee-Con 2013 please leave a comment below or email me. I have 4 available. You can purchase them here for $15.00.

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