Coffee Body : How To Feel It?

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Jason Coffee

The easiest way to describe body is the mouthfeel of coffee. The way coffee sits on your tongue. There some questions you can ask yourself when thinking about coffee body: How does this the coffee sit in my mouth? How much weight is there to the coffee? Does the coffee fill my entire palate with its presence?

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Coffee Body : Training Your Palate

One of the best tools for testing body is in your refrigerator at home, milk. Take half-n-half, whole milk, 2%, non-fat and then water. Pour each milk in a different cup and line them up in front of you. Notice the difference between how half n half and 2% milk feel in your mouth and describe the experience out loud (word like thin, light and heavy are great descriptors). When you are ready to take it to the next level blindfold yourself and have someone mix up the glasses then guess which one is which. This exercise will help you notice the sublet differences between a full body and medium bodied coffee in the future.

Do you have a tip on finding a coffee’s body?

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