Clever Coffee Dripper Brewing

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Jason Coffee

If you are looking for a new way to brew coffee with a low cost of entry the Clever Coffee Dripper is a great brew method to consider. I have been brewing with the Clever for over 1 year now and I can tell you I love it. In this video we look at how to brew coffee in the Clever Coffee Dripper and what tools you’ll need to get the best out of this coffee brewing method.

Clever Coffee Dripper

If you have any suggestions for me as you watch the video please leave your comments below. The point of these videos is for us to learn more about coffee together. Also feel free to tweet me anytime with any suggestions or feedback you might have.

Coffee Tools You’ll Need

Coffee Preparation

  • Grind: Medium
  • Coffee: 26 grams
  • Water: 380 grams
  • Brew Time: 4 minutes

Do you brew coffee in a Clever Coffee Dripper?


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  1. bwalklet

    How is this different from the Hario V60? And how come the coffee didn’t spill out all over the scale when you were pouring? Is there some kind of switch at the bottom that allows the coffee to fall through?

    Also…how many cups were you making in the video? Usually I do 15 grams of coffee with 225g of water (or 15:1 water to coffee ratio) for my V60. This seems to be good for a standard mug.