Home Roasting

  • Where To Find Green Coffee Beans

    There are probably as many perspectives on how to find good quality green coffee beans as there are home roasters. I would not say that my method is the best, but I guess sometimes it is better

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  • So You Want to Roast Coffee? : Part 3

    After my last installment, you probably wonder at the title of the series. You might be ready to turn it right back at me; “So, you want to roast coffee?” Thankfully, my answer to that question

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  • So, You Want to Roast? : Part 2

    What do you get when you lock Juan Valdez and Orville Redenbacher in a cell together? Roasted coffee, of course! And if you didn’t get that, maybe you’ve never heard about roasting coffee in a

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  • So, You Want To Roast Coffee? : Part 1

    If you’re reading this, I fear your heart has been smitten by that little brown “bean” we affectionately refer to as coffee (a.k.a. the list of coffee names that Dave Parton wrote about.) You may

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  • My Best Tip for Home Roasting

    For the next several posts I am going to try to share some of what I have learned about roasting coffee in the Behmor 1600 home coffee roaster. If you are a home roaster or if you are a fan of

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Roasting Methods

Why does the same coffee taste different when roasted in a fluid bed (moving air) roaster than it does when roasted in a drum roaster? Just like the same foods can be made to taste different by

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A Basic Understanding of Flavor Profiles

I must apologize for the previous post, it was far more technical than I had intended, but I trust that it was not so technical as to be boring. Also, to understand the information contained in

Fresh Roasted Coffee Taste

Fresh Roasted Coffee In this video we taste a fresh roasted coffee from a Benettis, a local roaster here in Kansas City and give you the chance to win coffee. We also jump into the coffee forum

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Coffee Variety

Coffee Variety After roasting a few batches of the varieties of beans that came with my initial order, and roasting them to a couple of different roast levels, it was time to expand my green


The Nesco Professional Roaster

The Nesco roaster is a solid home roaster. It combines fluid bed (a stream of hot air) with a mechanical auger that keeps the beans constantly moving so that they roast a little more quickly and

Roasting Coffee

Understanding Behmor Profiles

If you have ever used a Behmor or have had the opportunity to see one in person you may have seen the P1-P5 buttons. At first, they can be very confusing, but thanks to the manual and internet, I

Roasting Coffee

Pallet to Palate – My Coffee Journey

I don’t know about you, but since I was a child I have been taught to appreciate quality. My dad always used to say to me: “Son, you get what you pay for” and I have grown up believing him.

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Home Roasting Kenya to a Full City Roast

Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week in the world of roasting. I hope everyone had a chance to check out my first article. Opinions are welcome here. I’ve been getting to know my Behmor a little

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Adventures in Home Roasting

Welcome to home roasting, a Sunday special with me, Jamie from The Coffee Adventures. I am a coffee addict as most of you know, who has a serious passion for coffee.  I’ve been roasting