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    Introducing Leaner Creamer

    Leaner Creameris a coffee creamer that is intended to help suppress you appetite and provide a ...

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  • cafecora
    Cafe Corazon Papua New Guinea : Coffee Review

    In this episode Jason Coffee reviews a coffee fresh roasted coffee from Cafe Corazon. Cafe ...

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  • Whole Bean Coffee
    Bean Box Coffee Review

    In this episode Jason reviews 4 coffees from the new Bean Box. After three months of trying ...

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  • bean-box-seattle-coffee
    Bean Box Coffee Introduction

    I interviewed the founders of Bean Box last week and hear about their vision of providing the ...

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  • MyCoffeePub
    Luck Bros Peru – MyCoffeePub.com Subscription

    My Coffee Pub In this episode Jason reviews Luck Bros Finca Chonti Cajamarca PERU with his son ...

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Coffee Jokes

Just for fun I have been tweeting and posting facebook updates with coffee jokes. The Coffee Jokes are often times corny and many times fueled by the coffee I am drinking at the time. If you have coffee jokes please share them in the comments. I ...

Dallis Bros Coffee Review

Dallis Bros Coffee has been in business since 1913 in New York. For over 100 years they been roasting coffee. If any coffee we have tasted should be good it should be this one. With that much history and experience I am expected big this from ...

Tambaroo Review: Clean French Press

The Tambaroo is made for a French Press. The purpose of the Tambaroo is to catch the coffee grounds at the bottom of your Coffee French Press in order to make clean up an easier process. I reviewed this product after using it in a coffee review ...

Costco Coffee – City of Fountains by The Roasterie

This is a review of coffee from The Roasterie in Kansas City Missouri. This coffee is sold at Costco in a 2lb bag. The Roasterie has it’s own roasting plant here in Kansas City which is the City of Fountains. Have your coffee reviewed for ...

YouTube Coffee Giveaway

We just broke 2,500 Subscribers on YouTube and to celebrate we are giving away coffee today. Leave a comment here to Enter to Win. Let me know if you entered in the comments. Cheers!