• Introducing Leaner Creamer

    Leaner Creameris a coffee creamer that is intended to help suppress you appetite and provide a healthy alternative to your cream and sugar. In this Episode Jason Coffee tastes Leaner Creamer and

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  • Cafe Corazon Papua New Guinea : Coffee Review

    In this episode Jason Coffee reviews a coffee fresh roasted coffee from Cafe Corazon. Cafe Corazon Papua New Guinea This Papua New Guinea coffee was so smooth and delicious. I would highly

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  • Bean Box Coffee Review

    In this episode Jason reviews 4 coffees from the new Bean Box. After three months of trying Bean Box offerings I can confidently say that I highly recommend ordering a subscription of Bean Box

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  • Bean Box Coffee Introduction

    I interviewed the founders of Bean Box last week and hear about their vision of providing the best coffees that the Seattle has to offer. Their passion was inspiring and I just had to know if the

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  • Luck Bros Peru – Subscription

    My Coffee Pub In this episode Jason reviews Luck Bros Finca Chonti Cajamarca PERU with his son Caleb Coffee from the Vine app. This PERU coffee was sent to us by My Coffee Pub. My Coffee Pub is

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augies coffee

Augies El Salvador : Coffee Review

In this episode of Coffee Cup News Jason reviews El Salvador Coffee El Optimismo from Augies Coffee. Augies El Salvador Coffee I really love coffee and try to find and highlight the absolute best

French Press Velton's Coffee

Velton’s Kenya

There has been a buzz in the blogosphere (cornerofthecafe, thecoffeeadventures, dailyshotofcoffee) about Velton’s Coffee lately and so naturally I wanted to see if the end product lived up

rio blend kcup

Good K-Cup Coffee: Rio Blend

Jason reviews a K-Cup Coffee he really enjoys. Good K-Cup Coffee Aroma: Chocolate, Oatmeal, toasted bread, nuttiness, graham cracker and Smores. Flavor: Woodsy, dark chocolate, cracked pepper,

jason coffee

Donut House Blend K-Cup Coffee Review

Donut House Coffee This coffee is a K-Cup coffee created by Green Mountain Coffee. Description: Grapefruit/lemon acidity, sweet nuttiness  with a smooth yet lightly smokey aftertaste. Buy it

coffeed rink

Kuma Coffee – Sumatra

Kuma Coffee, run by Roastmaster Mark Barany. From just a quick read of Kuma’s about us page it becomes clear that roasting coffee for Mark is a highly personal experience. It is refreshing,

Pro Latte

Coffee Photos: Instagram

If you are like me you technology almost as much as you like coffee. When the two come together perfectly it’s a majestic thing. Instagram coffee is that perfect combination for me. Though,

Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters

Johnson Brother’s Coffee

Just the Best Coffee Johnson Brother’s Coffee Roasters was found in 1994 in Madison, WI by Michael Johnson. I recently spoke with Michael and I can tell you that he is very knowledgable and

Golden French Toast Green Mountain Coffee

Flavored KCup: French Toast

Flavored KCup Coffee Flavored Coffee is not an easy thing to get right. When it’s done wrong it can taste chemically and fake. If it’s right the results have amazing potential. Today

Starbucks Store Ward Parkway

3 Ways Starbucks Wowed Me

Starbucks Baristas Rocked My World I am still blown away at the amazing customer service I received at Starbucks yesterday. During my visit to Starbucks (Ward Parkway in Kansas City) I posted

pouring coffee from the Trifecta MB

Trifecta MB Review

Trifecta MB by Bunn The Trifecta MB is Bunn‘s creation.  The Trifecta (commercial version) was created to brew one cup of coffee at a time in a coffee shop setting. This at home version