• Espresso is NOT a Bean, It’s a Brew Method

    Espresso is one of the best ways to brew coffee. Espresso is usually enjoyed as a part of a specialty coffee drink like a latte or a cafe mocha. Many people enjoy espresso with a bit of cream or

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  • Wake up and smell the coffee?

    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee It’s morning. You trudge over to the kitchen and as you grind your fresh coffee, the beautiful aroma entices you with the promise of a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’

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  • What is a Flat White?

    What is a Flat White? In case you didn’t know, Australia Day took place last week. I was encouraged by one of my friends on Twitter to go and grab a Flat White in celebration.

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  • 5 Reasons Coffee is Good for Your Health

    There are always people who will tell you that coffee is bad for you but we know the truth. Coffee has shown over and over that it’s one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. There are

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  • Top 18 Coffee Drinks

    What is the best coffee drink on the coffee menu at a coffee shop? I get this question more often than you might think. Answering this question will depend on a few factors such as the coffee

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Top 5 Coffee Drinks

Brewed Coffee Drinks Brewed Coffee is ground coffee brewed over water. The below Top 5 Coffee Drinks are different representations of that basic coffee drink recipe. These are the Top 5 Coffee


Coffee Farmers

Coffee farming is where coffee begins it’s journey. Coffee growing is where the quality of the coffee begins and where it is really decided. Anything that takes place after coffee farmers


How Coffee Changed America

full size coffee graph How Coffee Changed America Graph showing how Coffee changed America. graph by Lumin Consulting


Top 5 List for Coffee Drinking

Coffee Drinking Top 5 List People ask me all the time, “Who drinks the most coffee? or Which country consumes the most coffee?” The answer to that is the United States but I think the


Top 5 Coffee Myths – Debunked

Myth 1: Coffee Stunts Your Growth Have you ever heard the old wives tale, “don’t let your kid drink coffee it will stunt their growth!” A contributing factor to this myth was an

coffee brain

3 Reasons Why Coffee is the Best Beverage Ever!

In the past we have discussed in depth why we should drink more coffee. In this article we are going to look at 3 reasons why coffee is the best beverage the world has ever seen! Reason 1: Coffee

Coffee Splash

Coffee Baths Fight Cancer

Coffee Fights Cancer! According the a recent study by Rutgers applying caffeine topically could help fight cancer! Coffee Bath anyone? In the study when caffeine was applied topically to mice

Cafe Mocha Picture

What is a Cafe Mocha?

Question: What is a Cafe Mocha? Answer: A Cafe Mocha is an espresso drink that contains the same basic components as a Latte (milk & espresso). Chocolate is the ingredient that makes the