• Press Coffee Bar

    Today Justin Hicks, one of our twitter followers & Barista at PRESS, shared this video from Showdown Visual with us and now we are sharing it with you. Isn’t social media awesome? Press

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  • Caribou Coffee Locations

    Caribou Coffee opened its first location in Edina, Minnesota in 1992. Today, Caribou Coffee has almost 600 locations World Wide with 496 locations in 22 of the United States and 103 locations

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  • Benetti’s Coffee Drive-Thru

    Best Coffee in Kansas City? When people ask me (as they often do), “What is your favorite coffee shop in Kansas City?”, I can never choose just one coffeehouse. There are however a

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  • Barista

    Baristas are Important The barista position has to be the most important position in a coffee shop. (An argument can be made that they are equal to the leader/store manager.) Ever single

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  • Dunn Bros Coffee Shop Review – Episode #196

    Mediocre Service at Dunn Bross I was out hanging out with Rob Blue the other day and we decided to stop in at a coffeehouse around the corner called Dunn Bros. I have been here a few times in the

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benettis coffee walk up

Benettis Coffee in Raytown : Live Coffee Roasting

On yesterday’s Live show we payed Ben and Michael a visit in Raytown, Missouri at Benettis Coffee. Michael walked us through roasting some old school Sumatra and we sat with the owner Ben


Latte Land Coffee Shop Review

7900 State Line Rd Shawnee Mission, KS‎ My Experience As I walked in there were people busy at their lap tops. The barista was standing at the register with a plain look on her face, both


Doozens Coffee Shop Review

813 SW Lemans Ln Lees Summit, MO My Experience My Dad was in town recently and we wanted to get a quick coffee and visit for a while. I wasn’t to familiar with the area so I whipped out the

Four Seasons Hotel Coffee – Episode #69

Overview Jason was staying in the Four Season Hotel at Lake of the Ozarks and did a review of their “in room coffee”. His sister Lori, who you will remember from Episode 40, makes

tamp champ

Hotel Room Coffee

Why Hotel Room Coffee? Jason talks about hotel room coffee and how it and people perception of it can be improved. This video is a response to all of your comments to the Hotel Room Coffee Review


Southwest Lift Coffee Taste – Episode 43

Overview Jason tastes coffee on a Southwest flight to California. Coffee Southwest Lift – In Flight Coffee Description A thin coffee with almost no body and a stale nutty/wood overtone.

Coffee shop

What Makes a Coffee Shop Good?

Why? This article was written with the intent of helping people both choose a home coffee shop based on some basic things that create an amazing environment and to give those who own/manage a