Bunn Trifecta – First Look

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Jason Coffee

Bunn Trifecta – First Look

This is a quick first look at the Bunn Trifecta which was released by Bunn on February 24, 2012. There will be many more videos to come on this brew style in the near future. One of the more interesting aspects to this machine are the options available to the user in regards to turbulence and total immersion time. We will look at these aspects, how they affect the flavor of the coffee and more in future episodes of Coffee Cup News. Until then, enjoy!

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  1. Allen

    A million questions! So what coffee were they using and how did it taste? Any word on price? They are saying that this thing will be considerably less than the Clover. I’ve heard that it leaves a lot of grounds and sediment in the cup…did you notice anything like that? Is the quality significantly different from a French Press? Did you get to play with it at all…try your own profiles?

    • Jason Coffee

      I got the chance to play around with the Bunn Trifecta for quite a while. I have answers to almost every question you asked, that I will answer in videos that I am going to post over the next week. I will also be playing around with flavor profiles and settings in videos and posts over the next year or so. Lot’s of fun with this coffee machine is on the horizon.