BUNN Coffee Makers

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Jason Coffee

Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn coffee makers offer a great line of products for small businesses and homes alike.At Coffee Con 2012 I had the pleasure of hanging out with Lisa from BUNN. As I spoke with Lisa, it became apparent that she was very knowledgeable about the BUNN Coffee Maker line up. On a regular basis people ask me, “Which coffee maker should I get, which one is the best for me?” My recommendation list for coffee makers, which is really short, has always included BUNN. So when I met Lisa, I saw a great opportunity for her to give us the run down on which BUNN machine would be perfect for you.

Which BUNN is your favorite?

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  1. Name Carl Churchill

    Good video. Bunn makes good brewers and it is nice to see they offer a good progression of coffee brewers for people who are moving up through the coffee experience from “gotta grab a quick cup” to “enjoying specialty coffee”.nn1