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Jason Coffee

Over the next 34 days Bonlife Coffee is setting out to accomplish something that I can really identify with. They have started a project with the goal of educating andĀ evangelizingĀ as many people as possible about the awesomeness that is brewing a better cup of coffee.

“More people can Drink a Better Story if we bring the story to them, let’s take this show on the road, Bonlife mobile Brewbar roadtrip!”-Bonlife

Live the Dream of Better Tasting Coffee

If you are like me then you know the impact a great tasting cup of coffee can have on your day, month, year and the moment that you are currently in. This project is really about helping people to experience what you and I do everyday.

Bonlife Coffee Van

Bonlife Coffee has chosen a van as the deliver vehicle for this dream. The dream of better coffee will travel across the United States in a Van fitted to prepare a better cup of coffee. In order to start this mission across the USA Bonlife needs your help. They have started a Kickstarter page in which they are setting out to raise $15,000 over the next 34 days.

Coffee Swag

When you make a pledge to the Bonlife Coffee Van project you receive some pretty cool swag in return. The item I am most excited about is the Mustache Mug which you receive with a donation of just $14. Don’t see something you want on the list? Bonlife says they will even take your suggestion on what other coffee swag they should add to the list.

“In giving you 22 different rewards we wanted to offer you some special coffees, great swag items, and some once in a lifetime experiences, at levels to fit any budget (if you want something you don’t see on the list, fire us an email and we’ll see what we can do to possibly ad it)” -Bonlife

Here’s to helping people enjoy better tasting coffee, Cheers!

mustache mug

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