April 23, 2014




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Coffee Cup Drums!

coffee cups

Coffee Drumming This is a pretty entertaining use of coffee cups. I have seen some coffee drumming but this is a great combination of percussion and comedy. Innovative percussion is the brain child of Mark Ford which he started in the mid 80′s.

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Coffee Review: Northern Espresso Signature Blend

barista coffee review

Buy it: Northern Espresso Signature Blend This coffee by The Barista is one of the smoothest most enjoyable espresso blends I have had in quite some time!

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Top 7 Tips – How To Make Coffee

coffee maker

If you make coffee at home there are a few things you need to know if you want to make it taste it’s best. Over the past 11 years these tips are what have helped me make my best tasting cups of coffee. How To Make Coffee: Top 7 Tips When it comes to making... Read More