What is the best brand of coffee? – Episode #191

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Jason Coffee

In this episode Jason answers some questions like: What is the best brand of Coffee? , What is the best food to pair with black coffee? , Where have you traveled and had an amazing coffee experience?

Have a question? Ask it in the comments and we will answering it in a future episode of Ask Jason.

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  1. mommakoala

    I recently tried the Melitta Fair Trade World Harvest collection. The Costa Rica Tarrazu was full bodied and enjoyable.
    Not bad. Only $13.99. Not bad for a specialty brand.

  2. Gavin

    I 2nd Intelligentsia being the best coffee I’ve tried thus far. I have many more to try, thanks to your site!

    I also like Newhall Coffee to take on camping trips, which is a local roaster to me. I always like the idea of trying to support the local businesses.

  3. Bill

    Hey Jason:
    I think the best coffee we have had was an Ethiopian Amaro Gayo from Coffee Labs Roasters in Tarrytown, NY. We had it back in May and shared some with friends. I was talking to one of the friends last week and he brought it up in the conversation and asked me if I had any more. It was a very memorable cup of coffee. The roasters name was Kurt and he knows his craft. We will definitely go back there the next time we are in NY.

  4. JEWEL

    HI Jason,
    I have friends down in Oaxaca, Mexico and buy their coffee green. They use an air-popper for popcorn to roast their coffee. Have you heard of this and do you think it works as well as other roasting methods. Ive tried the post roasted drip coffee and it ROCKS!
    Thanks for your contest :)

  5. Bob Downs

    Best cappuccino I’ve ever had: Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe, AZ. They buy their beans directly from growers and roast them with their own roaster at the back of the store. And, the barista even does the fancy palm/fern leaf thing if you ask her to.