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Jason Coffee

Best Coffee in Kansas City?

When people ask me (as they often do), “What is your favorite coffee shop in Kansas City?”, I can never choose just one coffeehouse. There are however a few that are always on my Top 5 list and Benetti’s in Raytown is one of them. When I heard, Benetti’s owner, Ben Helt was opening a second location in Independence I just had to pay them a visit.

benettis independence

New Look, New Logo

As I drove up North on 291 I saw my destination: A small brick building with a cool new logo. The biggest difference between this and their original location is the lobby, there isn’t one. This Benetti’s Coffee is Drive-Thru and walk up only. They do however have a large outdoor patio with table seating under umbrellas. Their new place looked nice but my main concern was coffee quality.

benettis coffee drive thru

Drive Thru-Coffee

Drive-Thru coffee is not an easy thing to master. When people think about a drive-thru generally they think about speed and quick service. When people think about specialty coffee generally they think about a good tasting quality beverage that they are willing to wait for. The question is, How do you carry out both in a Drive-Thru setting? This is the question Benetti’s is determined to answer.

benettis coffee walk up

Good Coffee in Independence

Though it is too soon to tell how Benetti’s will do walking the line between fast service and quality beverages one thing is certain, they have good tasting beverages down. My espresso was malty, citrus with rich syrupy berries and I loved every moment of it.

Visit this location:

Benetti’s Coffee Experience

23rd St And 291
Independence, MO 64055

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