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We take the process of choosing authors very seriously. Our authors need not be experts but need to have a working knowledge of some part of the industry. This working knowledge is not specific to coffee mind you. As long as it impacts some part of the coffee industry whether that be as a Coffee Tester/Taster, Green Coffee Buyer, Customer, Owner, Barista, Social Media Manager, Blogger or Roaster all play an important role.
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Three options to become a part of the Coffee Cup News

Featured Author – Featured Authors contribute to Coffee Cup News twice a month. If you can commit to this schedule and can post original content (not published anywhere else) on a regular basis, then you might be a good fit as a Featured Author. Featured Authors will also have their author bios showcased under the Authors tab with links back to their blog or personal homepage.

Guest Author – If being a Featured Author is too large of a commitment for you, then you may want to consider becoming a guest author  and contribute once every couple of months. We still expect our Guest Authors to produce high quality original content even though the time commitment is less than that of a Featured Author.

Video Author – Video Authors contribute to Coffee Cup News once or twice a month. All videos categories will be considered. Video content follows the same guidelines as written. It has to be original content (not uploaded anywhere else).  It has to be shot in a minimum resolution of 720p HD but does not have to be perfect in execution. Absolutely no editing is required for this Authorship, just raw video. Some examples of video already submitted are Cafe Reviews, Latte Art and How To videos.

If you’re interested please email us (or fill in the below form) with the following information:

1. Why do you think you would be a good fit for Coffee Cup News?
2. What is your professional background and experience?
3. Link or attach an example of your writing or recording.
4. Link to your social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked In and/or YouTube.)

Comments or questions are welcome.

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