Barista on Duty, Ethiopian Harrar – Episode #86

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Jason Coffee
ReviewsWhole Bean


Jason reviews a coffee from @BaristaOnDuty outside on a beautiful day in Kansas City, MO.

Coffee & Description

Ethiopian Harrar

Pleasing blueberry citrus favor with nice acidity and a rich dark chocolate body.

Overall Rating

91+ points

Aroma: 8
Acidity: 9
Body: 8.5
Flavor: 8
Aftertaste: 8

Question of the Day?

Have you ever tried coffee from a home roaster?

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  1. John

    I was in Ethiopia over the summer and filmed a video of a woman making a pot of Harrar from scratch…such an amazing process. She starts with green beans, pan roasts them, grinds them by hand (you gotta see her doing that), heats the pot over a bed of coals…anyway, you should check it out if you’re interested in how coffee is traditionally prepared in Ethiopia:



  2. medina

    I buy my organic cafe from a very small farm (maybe 15 acres?) in the central mountains of Puerto Rico. The grower roasts and grinds the beans for me and I take it home in my carry on bag. Usually there is a swabbing of my bag (checking for drugs?) when I pass through security, but it is worth it. I am suffering with store bought cafe right now because I have not been to Puerto Rico in months and this guy does not have a web site and doesnt ship it. Mostly the government controls the cafe in that country. I hope to be back soon!

  3. O2H2D2 | Matt

    Drinking coffee in different atmospheres brings out different tastes. Maybe that’s just me. Do you have an article on the affects of atmosphere and coffee tasting? That would be interesting.


  4. Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee

    Qotd – I’ve been very fortunate to have had two very good hand roasted coffees this year. I have some coffee sitting on my counter from BODY. I’m really looking forward to trying them, especially after watching your review.

    Side note, what type of dog do you have? Wasn’t sure in the video.

  5. Neil

    Hooray for home roasters. It is good to hear that a home roaster can roast a batch of beans that can bring as much (or more) to the table as any micro or major roaster.

    qotd? I have never bought from a home roaster, but if buying green beans and roasting them yourself counts then I have. There is nothing like the freshness and the quality that roasting your own beans brings to the cup.

  6. Cameron

    BaristaOnDutY is oh so popular! I received a Harrar from him recently. It was delicious. I agree with your notes, but didn’t really get the smokiness that you got. Very good!

  7. BaristaOnDutY

    U Guys Are Awesome Thanks For The Love! Now As Far As Smokiness That’s All BODY Trade Secret 😉 No Really Depending On Roast Style Or Length Of I Roast The Coffee, I Cool By Hand As Well In A Colander, So It Takes A Lil Longer & The Smoke Lingers On The Bean Where As A Big Blower System Dissipate Smoke While Cooling ;). I’m Grateful For This Review, As You Bath May Know I Carry 4 Beans, Occasionally I’ll Have A Special Offering, But I’m Considering Narrowing It Back To One Bean The Way I Originally Started, It’s Easier To Main A Consistent Profile, Because As You Know Beans From Different Farms Etc . Can Make A Difference In Flavor, I’m A Nano Roaster, So I Lack The Buying Power Of The Big Guys I Purchase In Small Lots, So By The Time I Purchase Again The Lot Can Be Different Resulting In A Different Profile. So As A Small Guy It’s Not Only Important To Be Unique, But Produce An A+ Product , Otherwise Why Be In Business :D. Thanks For Listen To My Long Winded Jibberish , Hopefully I Answered The Smoky Question. It’s All About The Pan 😉