What is Coffee Cup News?

In November of 2008 Coffee Cup News posted its first article and soon after video. We started with one central goal, To help people find and make really good coffee at home. This has and will remain the main driving force behind everything we do. We carry out this vision through coffee reviews, machine reviews, how tos and informational posts and videos. Our passion is to connect people with the tools that will help them brew coffee in a way that meets the needs of their lifestyle. Coffee Cup News’s content is structured in a way that meets people where they are in their coffee journey and leads them to a deeper level of perfecting their craft.

What Coffee Cup News is NOT:

Coffee Cup News is not a snobby, we are better than you, know more than you and will treat you that way until you know as much as us place. Though we have people on the team that have a deep reservoir of knowledge in coffee we do not want to turn anyone away that desires to learn and grow in their craft. If you drink coffee whether that be made from whole bean, brewed pour over, espresso, K-Cup, roasted in your kitchen, latte art poured by you or go to Starbucks everyday this is a place you can feel welcomed.

About Jason

Jason CoffeeHey, I am Jason the owner and founder of Coffee Cup News. I am a husband to the most beautiful woman on the planet and father to the most amazing kids in the galaxy. Just saying… 😉 I’ve worked in the coffee industry since April of 2002 as a barista, manager, taster, writer and videographer. Though I really love coffee (more than most people can imagine), my first passion is people. My philosophy with everything I do is that people need to come first. That is the reason Coffee Cup News’s above vision is so inclusive. I don’t want anyone left out and I want everyone to feel  that Coffee Cup News is a place they feel welcomed and at home.