3 Tips for Brewing Coffee

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Jason Coffee

Tip #1 – Keep it Fresh

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Keeping your coffee fresh is really important. One of the best ways to do this is by keep oxygen away from the coffee. Oxygen is one coffee’s biggest adversaries. The best way to keep coffee away from oxygen is to put it in an air tight container in a cool dry place. A cool dry place does not mean your refrigerator or freezer these places are equally as deadly to the freshness of your coffee for different reasons.

Tip #2 – Use Correct Proportions


Using Correct water to coffee proportions is essential for brewing a good cup of coffee. The official recommended proportion is 2 tablespoons for every 6 oz of water. If this ratio to strong for you palate you could back it off to 2 tablespoons for every 8 oz of water but any less than this puts you at significant risk for under extracted, watery and thin coffee.

Tip #3 – Use Filtered Water

water in cupsUsing Filtered water in your coffee is an absolute must. There are so many toxins in todays tap water supply that can negatively effect how your coffee tastes. Unless you have a water test kit and know what to look for using filtered water is the best route to go.

Do you have a tip for brewing good coffee?

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  1. Chris Mitchell

    A critical element that often gets overlooked is to clean the pot and filter basket regularly with a detergent (my fav is Dawn) and bristle brush to remove the buildup of oils which will ruin the taste of the finest freshly ground beans. Thanks for your info! @CDMitchell

  2. Juan_Migragnas

    Great tips.
    Actually, I have had some bad experiences after trying to brew a “super-coffee” by just adding too much coffee to a small amount of water. The result wasn’t pleasant at all.
    I agree with “Carpentry and Joinery”… tip #1 should be…”Love Coffee”

  3. Sheryl P

    Your #1 tip “Keep it Fresh” is spot on. Keeping your coffee away from oxygen and damp surroundings is crucial. I did a test with this (sort of by accident) when I was back in college. I kept wondering why my coffee was going stale so quickly when I kept it in the refrigerator. My Mom (coffee addict) told me to get an air tight container and keep the coffee on a shelf in my closet. Low and behold my coffee stayed fresher, longer and all around tasted much better. I am forwarding this post to my Mom right now. She is going to have a good laugh.


  4. Fish Finder Reviews

    Wow! I just discovered your site. I had no idea about a lot of the freshness ideas related to storing coffee. In Tip 1 you said to keep coffee in a cool dry place, not a refrigerator (which is where I keep mine now).

    Isn’t a refrigerator better than say a kitchen cupboard?

    If not, where else do you recommend storing my coffee?

    Thanks Jason.

  5. Name darkkatpouncing

    I just found out recently about not putting coffee in the fridge or freezer. I found an airtight container for my half pound of ground coffee and I started using filtered water – BIG DIFFERENCE – you are SO right. I wish I had found out about this a long time ago but at least I’m enjoying better coffee at home now LOL :) LOVE the new website layout!

  6. Julie

    Related to Tip #1, is it true to keep light away from the coffee as well? I remember reading that somewhere. I have a clear glass jar that is air tight, and so I wondered how do I keep light out? Someone gave me a tip, and he said, put the jar in a brown paper bag! You make do with what you have.

  7. mattcreynolds

    Grind exactly what you need!

    The smaller the grind size, the quicker your coffee loses flavor.
    Mark Prince (coffeegeek.com) stated that he could notice flavor loss of espresso ground instantly over espresso ground 60seconds later!

    Buying a whole bag of pre-ground coffee? No-no!